$200 Pumpkin Bread

IMG_0012_2About 10 years ago, when we bought our loft and gave high-rise living a spin, we were shopping in Highland Village and walked into Williams Sonoma to purchase some new kitchen towels.  Fresh pumpkin bread was coming right out of the oven and on the front display was a mix and the cutest pumpkin shaped cake pan.  I turned to John and said that with my new kitchen, I wanted to learn to bake!  And if you’re going to be a serious baker, you have to have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, right?  I chose the silver, to stay neutral (I am so glad I did!).  Our bill was about $400 for the mixer, the mix, and the pan.  A major purchase for us at the time, but I was convinced that it was an investment!

And, I made two loaves of the pumpkin bread.  Since then the mixer has not been used, except by my mother a few times.  So, John asks me around this time of year if I’m going to make some $200 pumpkin bread.  By now…I just ignore this comment.  Afterall, I’ve moved on to power tools and things that don’t add to the midsection!

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