You know how things around the house start piling up everywhere?  This happens to me when school is in session.  Not only does “stuff” pile up, but a list of chores pile up as well.  I start making a list of things to do on my iPhone, and I title the list the name of the next long break we have from school.  Do they always get done?  Well…not really.  That would be the subject of another blog.

This year we have a full week off for Thanksgiving, so I had BIG plans to wrap up many of my projects.  The most important of those would be to finish the play kitchen for my friend’s little girl. However, the weather had another plan.

It’s been bone-chilling cold here in Houston.  The temperature on top of the wind and rain…has made me just curl up in warm clothes and read.

The silver lining is clearly the time it has allowed me to set up this blog.  I am so pumped to share all my adventures and misadventures with you.

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