Play Kitchen Part 2

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The next day, it was all about the doors.  Again, I wanted to use poplar, but I didn’t want the doors to be very thick.  I found the perfect handles and hinges at Rockler Tools and headed to Southland Hardware for paint and perhaps some wood.  

I needed to find 1/2″ thick poplar and after striking out at two different local hardware stores, I found Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co. The sales guy and I walked through the warehouse and found a 12 ft. board of 1/2″ thick poplar that they cut in half for me so I could fit them into my car.

My dad helped me rip one board into 1.5″ strips to make the frames for each door.  I planned on putting plexiglass in the oven door and a panel in the cabinet door.  I used a plexiglass scoring tool to cut the piece for the door and my Kreg jig to attach the frames.

IMG_0010  IMG_0008


The weekend was over, and I used the rest of the week to get to know wood putty, plastic wood, and patience.   I was able to get the pieces primed before the weather derailed my entire project.  I’ve learned in the past that you actually have to pay attention to the print on the side of paint cans.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I do read directions, but sometimes when I read them I think they are so specific in order to avoid litigation. Then I just do what I want to do and suffer the consequences if I’m wrong.

The recommended conditions for spray paint is 50°F and 90°F and relative humidity below 85%.  When I first read that, I laughed out loud.  Let’s see…how often do we have those conditions in Houston?  About 5 days a year.  So if you really shouldn’t paint outside of these parameters, then the logical conclusion would be that you cannot buy spray paint in Houston.

Maybe it’s just in Houston that you can go beyond those parameters?  Or maybe my spray painting abilities are magical?  Either way, I’ve painted items successfully in the summer.  However, I’ve learned from experience that spray painting in the cold is a complete FAIL.

So we had to go to the party empty-handed with a promise that as soon as the weather turns better, I will get that kitchen finished so E can get some baking done for the holidays!

Links to:  Part 1    Part 3

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