Blue Ocean Breeze

Did you think this post was about a blue ocean breeze?  I’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s about a glass vase, spray paint and my new blog-reading obsession.


Jenny from Little Green Notebook posted an easy, fast way to make clear glass appear to be Opaline a few weeks ago.  In her post,  DIY Opaline Glass , she also posted some pictures of actual Opaline collections that will make you envious.  You should definitely check them out.

After I saw the post, I was on the lookout for an interesting vase that I could whip up some fancy of my own.  I was cruising through Homegoods a few weeks ago, and this vase caught my eye.  cnEdhV6Q5QX6vfbt.jpgIt was marked down to $7, and I thought the random knobby exterior would reflect light well.  And if it didn’t, I was out $7.  I grabbed a roll of Frog Tape and began taping the rim.



I learned from sewing, that in order to sew a straight piece of fabric into a circular shape, you need to cut notches in the piece of straight fabric first.  And I’ll be darn if that method doesn’t also work when putting tape around the rim of a vase!


I needed to cover the exterior of the vase, so again I cut notches in the tape on the outside…


and from there it was easy to wrap a sheet of paper around the vase and secure it with the tape.XbquU1m4NHUyGpw1.jpg
A few coats of Blue Ocean Breeze from Krylon and BOOM!  A very cool vase.  

PaFr67AsiL4hHi5u.jpgI don’t plan on putting anything in the vase, because it would scratch the paint inside.  So this little fella will sit in my hutch along with my grandmother’s china and a variety of other objects you use to serve food.

I wouldn’t know much about those things because I have to be honest…I don’t cook or bake.  If you ever see a post here about me cooking or baking, then you know this blog has been hacked!

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