Candy Anyone?

I work with students in my office downstairs, mostly on math.  I have always found that when you are immersed in math problems, a little candy can help you gear up for another one.  I was finally able to convince my mother to let me paint a Hoosier cabinet that she restored nearly 30 years ago.  I wanted to paint it with the Rustoleum Gray Hammered spray paint so it would look like metal.  I loved the way it turned out!


I think it looks so cute displaying all the candy, don’t you?  I chose the colors for the shelves by matching colors from the charts hanging above the sofa.


I painted this in August, so I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint, which has the look and feel of oil-based paint, but the clean-up of latex paint.


The best part is that you can paint inside since there are no fumes! I had a variety of blue spray paints left over from some other project that I used to paint the inside of the drawers.


I’m pretty pleased with this COMPLETED PROJECT.



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