Dark Walls in Pantry

I LURVE dark walls!  I’ve never had the guts to do it though, because I was always told it is a major pain to paint over a dark wall.  So when I needed to paint the pantry, I figured this was my chance!
If you’re skeptical of dark walls, feast your eyes on these beauties that I rounded up from Houzz.com.  I chose rooms from differenct design asthetics for those of you that may think dark walls are simply not your style!  (The pictures are live links, so if you want more, click away!)

Full disclosure here…we don’t actually use our pantry as a pantry. Since there is just the two of us, and we order in much more than we cook, the pantry is really used as a storage closet.  In addition, I had a small entry made for the cats to use to access their litter box.  So obviously, we wouldn’t use it for food storage.

This project was started during Thanksgiving break. John taped off the baseboard trim and primed the bottom of the closet with primer (must of been one of my REALLY STRESSED moments).

First, and most importantly, I needed to choose a color. I had some extra Benjamin Moore Blue Note left over from painting this chair for my bathroom.

It provided some color that I desperately needed in the bathroom. Clearly someone else feels that the chair is a perch.
I had the paint in the Advance formula, which performs like oil-based paint (used on cabinets), but is not stinky, washes up with soap and water, and levels like a dream (this means when it dries, you don’t see paint brush marks).
Using Frog Tape, I taped the cats entrance.

I used a disposable, foam brush to paint out the trim work. Some people do trim work last so they can do the majority of the space and see immediate progress. I’ve found my ability to attend to the trim work much better at the beginning of a project.

Once that was complete, I inserted a liner into my favorite small paint cup. Believe me, I have about 5 or 6 different paint “cups”, and this one is the best. It’s more expensive than the other cheapos, but it DOES NOT tip over and the slope of the ramp to load paint on your roller is not too steep.
Then I sat down and started to paint. At first, I only painted the bottom where the litter box resided. The beauty of this paint (and no BM is not paying me to write this!) is that when it is dry, you can clean the wall without the paint coming off! Here’s a shot of my first stage of finished.

After living with it for a week, I loved the dark blue so much, I wanted to paint the entire pantry! Plus, I had some other dark gray colors I wanted to test out, and since the pantry has multiple shelves, I could paint them different colors. I decided to use Chelsea Gray, Anchor Gray, and Wolf Gray. (Ignore Soot in the bottom left.)
I unloaded the pantry, removed the face plates from the outlets, and grabbed this primer…on accident.
Many bloggers rave about Zinsser, but I’m not impressed. It had the worst odor, and we had to open windows and air it out for a few days. Needless to say, I was not very popular at the time. I have a low-odor primer that I thought I was using and for whatever reason, I didn’t realize it was the wrong can until I was almost done priming the space. So chalk up another Lesson Learned…READ THE CAN!

When I started painting the Anchor Gray shelf, I noticed that the color was so gray. I dug out the paint chip and compared it to the shelf. Uhhhh…this doesn’t match. I grabbed the can and BOOM! I had a can of Charcoal Slate, not Anchor Gray. So there are TWO Lessons Learned in this post. Check the paint can labels before you walk out of the store.

I probably could have brought it back.  However, the shelf was painted, and I wasn’t going to put the project on hold for 2-3 days. So I finished painting the shelves and put everything back in its place. Oh, and I also painted the edge of the door for a bit of surprise when you open the door.
IMG_0223Now I have my room (closet) with dark walls! One day I want to get some wild, fun wallpaper and hang it in perhaps the guest bedroom closet. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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