Play Kitchen Part 3

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The play kitchen is finally done!  I cannot wait to give it to E.  This post will be less technical and more Deeds Adventure/Misadventure.  I’ll do a separate post with details and such.

After my dad added a rack in the oven, I painted the interior first.  I then taped off the interior so I could begin painting the exterior.


If you look closely, it looks like the sides and top are pink, but the front is white.  That has to do with the middle piece of the face frame.  Remember that piece that I wasn’t able to attach to the cabinet?  Ya…well…during my first session of painting the pink, I grabbed the cabinet by that unattached piece and CRACK!  Since this piece was in the middle of the cabinet, it had to be fixed.  My sweet dad fixed it for me, because he probably felt sorry for me.  I seriously thought I was going to lose it.

Once that piece was fixed, I primed the face again.  After a very long trip to Southland Hardware, I finally figured out how to attach all the knobs.  I decided to drill the holes before I painted.  It’s so frustrating to drill a hole on a painted surface and have the paint crack.  So I placed the two doors on the cabinet and placed the oven knob and timer.



About two hours later, I had holes for all the knobs.  The detailed post will explain why this took two hours.  (Side note:  this took ME two hours…which means the normal bear would take about 45 min – 1 hr.)  It was time to paint.

I would put on a light coat of pink paint then let it sit for about 30 minutes, then do another light coat.  I probably did about 5-6 light coats.  This is a picture of my “painting booth.”


The umbrella helped keep the leaves, etc. from landing on the cabinet.  Yes, this is our patio.  Times like these, I’m jealous of people with yards.  Next up was adding the handles to the doors.  I was going to use this handle template thingy I picked up at IKEA.


After I added the handle to the oven door, I decided to make the other door a chalkboard.  How did I get from handle to chalkboard? It’s best not to ask.


So, I grabbed my can of Chalkboard paint, Frog tape, and made it a little chalkboard.


The final pieces to add before taking this bugger inside to seal was the casters.  I probably chose some that were larger than necessary, but I wanted the cabinet to be mobile, with the ability to be locked.  My dad drilled the holes for me, so this part went so fast.  Thanks Dad!


After the casters were attached, the timing was perfect because my yard guy showed up with his blowers.  I quickly rolled the cabinet indoors, along with the doors.  I never want to get in the way of Sosa, because I HATE yard work!

I coated the cabinet and the doors with 3 coats of polyurethane.  Look at the shine!




The next day, I attached the doors,  knobs, sink (which is removable so it can be cleaned or used for a mixing bowl in a pinch!), faucet and the burners.  I rolled it into our foyer and took some final pics!

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I’ll post the details soon for those who want to make one on their own…or run down to IKEA and get an entire play kitchen for $100!

Links to :  Part 1     Part 2


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