Vintage Record Table

Do you remember records? How about a 45? Although people think I’m really 25, I do remember records.FkK7j8vsq5D0tDO0.jpg

I have a vivid memory of being so jealous of my friend, Kelley, in 3rd grade, because she had a 45 of Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp. We played that song over and over again on her little record player. Both of our older sisters had boom-boxes that had those fancy new tape players. Are you feeling old yet?

I have a friend whose daughter is very “retro,” and she really enjoys records.  She dug out her father’s collection of records, bought a little record player, and listens to the very same songs that I know she has on her iPhone.  She mentioned to me that she was looking for a shelf of some sort to hold her player and her records.  The day I found the chest of drawers to use as a vanity for my guest bathroom, I found one of these sitting next to it for about $20.

It was in pretty bad shape.


I sanded the metal base with steel wool to get as much rust off of it as possible, then used Kilz Odorless Sealer, Primer & Stainblock to prime the surface.  For the laminate top, I scuffed the surface with my sander, then used the same Kilz on the top.

I definitely wanted the base to be goldish/brass, but there are SO MANY gold/brass paints available on the market.  Since the summer, I’ve been collecting different colors and brands so I have a huge collection of gold/brass spray paint.   While doing this project I made this board so I can use it as a reference to find the correct color for a project.  The “board” is really black 3/4″ foam board I had from some art I made over the summer.



I decided to use Rustoleum Gold Rush Metallic spray paint on the metal base.  Outside in the sun, it looked much brighter than it did inside.



Since I knew this table was going to be used by a teenager, I put on many, many coats.  On the tabletop, I used Rustoleum Painters Touch 2X in Gloss Black.


I let the paint sit for two days, then I coated it 3 times with my favorite polyurethane in Gloss.  Look at that shine!


Finally, I snapped on the new swivel chair glides that I found here.


Here it is in it’s new home!





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