Winter Break

It’s been a slow start for my winter break.   I have a very sick dog, so all my plans of shopping are put on hold.  Instead, I’ve started about 3 more projects that I can’t wait to share.  This post serves as a sneak peak, as well as a punch list for me.  If I post about it, I guess I better finish it!

IMG_0040One project is to complete recovering my old/new to me dining room chairs that I found at Native Citizen.  The picture above was taken with the two fabrics I was choosing from.  Here is a shot of the original brown microsuede


IMG_0033When I’m done recovering them, I do a post and you can find out which fabric I chose!

Next up is painting the bathroom in my office.  We are camped out in my office, located on the first floor, sleeping on the pull-out sofa.  My dog, Lillie B, is on subcutaneous fluids, which means a trip outside every 3 hours!  We’ve been sleeping down here for nearly a week, and today I decided to paint that bathroom.   I already had a gallon of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in order to paint the guest bedroom, so I decided to go for it.  Here are some of my inspiration shots.

A really big project will be the reorganization of the closet under the 1-2 staircase.  John wants to put his indoor bike trainer in this closet, so he doesn’t have to train in the garage.  This closet currently stores all of my tools, paint, his bike tools, coats, financial documents, the dog crate, and some other miscellaneous items.  I can’t believe we lived in a one bedroom loft with one closet!  This project is so original, because I can’t find any inspirational photos.  It’s going to be all up to my imagination!

Finally, I really want to build and install some floating box shelves in the living room similar to these.

I’ve been trying to figure out the feature wall since we moved in, and I think I’ve got it all figured out.  I think installing these will be much easier than floor to ceiling bookshelves since the walls in our townhome appear to have been leveled and squared using anything but a straight edge.
I also have some ottomans to recover, guest bedroom & bathroom to paint, pelmet boxes to make, trimwork in my bathroom, and probably 10 more projects that I’m not thinking of….ARGH!  Not to mention, I have a shopping list a mile long.
I better get to work!





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