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Those of you who know me, know that the title of this post could mean “train wreck coming!”  Although I did have an epic fail tonight while trying to make a light fixture for the bathroom in my office, this post is mostly about my practice ottoman.

DIY Deeds Practice Ottoman

John complained a few months ago about how our ottomans were higher than his favorite chair.  So began my hunt for a lower ottoman.  Of course, I was knocked off course from my hunt with other projects until I ran across these brass hairpin legs on Etsy.  I decided they were perfect when I was able to choose the height of the legs.

They arrived nearly 6 weeks after I ordered them, so I kind of forgot about the project.   Once the legs came, I realized I had to move on fabric.  Still unable to make up my mind, I found this cute spotted fabric from IKEA that made the perfect practice fabric.

I went online and read about 4-5 DIY posts about making an ottoman.  They all had different tips, but I’m pretty sure they all forgot to mention when they brought their ottoman to their upholster guy/gal to finish up the hot mess they had made.  (Oh my gosh, did I just type that?)  Or maybe they deleted the failed attempts or “practice ottomans” they made before they posted the easy 5-step ottoman DIY directions?

Back to my own hot mess…

I rummaged through the wood pile in the garage and found a scrap piece of plywood and grabbed some of the mattress egg crate left over from creating one of Lillie’s many, many dog beds.

IMG_0328I sprayed the foam with some of this adhesive spray so it wouldn’t slide around when I started stapling on the batting and fabric.


I pulled the batting tight and stapled it over the foam without any trouble. The corners were kind of tricky, but I was able to use this method from Jenny at LGN.IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332

I was pleased with the batting and decided to move on to the fabric.  It took me a while to commit to the “center” of the pattern.

IMG_0333 IMG_0334

When I took the next picture, I still hadn’t cut off the extra fabric.  I tucked it all under the board to make certain I had it right.  After about ten minutes of obsessing over it, I stopped.  I mean, who am I kidding?  How would I know that I “had it right”?


After I cut off the fabric, I began pulling and stapling, pulling and stapling, and pulling and stapling.  I used the same method with the corners as before.  I did notice that my corners were VERY THICK, but I was so busy pulling and stapling that no alarm bells were ringing.


Once I was done, I grabbed my covered board, the hairpin legs, and a drill and began trying to figure out where the place the legs.

IMG_0337Wait a minute….those VERY THICK corners are totally in the way!!!

IMG_0338At this point, I realized that when I was pulling and stapling the batting and fabric, I needed to staple near the edge.  UGH!  I had to redo each corner.

Here is the first one before and after.

IMG_0339 IMG_0340I am totally convinced that this redo step is usually left out of most DIY blog posts, but I promised myself when I started this blog, that it would be the truth.  No sugarcoating here missy!  I didn’t take pictures of the remaining corners, and I almost forgot to take pictures of attaching the legs.

I read somewhere (sorry I don’t remember where) that you should attach the two legs opposite of each other first, then flip it over to check out the balance before attaching the other two.  I did this, and as soon as I flipped it over with two legs, I realized how silly this idea was.  Two points do not define a plane…HELLO!

At this point, John was home and was watching me attach the legs.  I was explaining to him my earlier discovery of needing to staple near the edge while I was attaching the fourth leg.  I flipped it over and was stoked that it was balanced and looking great.  Not to bad for my first ottoman!

And that’s when John said, “Are the legs supposed to look like that?”

IMG_0341Well…no they are not Mr. Wizard.

It was an easy fix though, and my practice ottoman was done.  In fact, as I write this post, I have my feet propped on it! You can see the stuffing hanging out of the bottom when you are sitting on the sofa across the room, but that is because it isn’t officially finished.

Now I really do have to pull the trigger on fabric because we have 3 ottomans in the living room, and it’s getting a bit crowded in here.


Check back for a post on my epic fail tonight, along with my office bathroom refresh and the week I spent in my utility closet!






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