Bayou City Art Festival 2014

My recent interest in art motivated me to attend the BCAF this year.  John and I walked the entire festival in about an hour, which is probably not something to broadcast.  However, like shopping, I only stop and look when something grabs my eye.  The “art” mainly consists of interior and exterior sculptures, wall art of every kind, and jewelry.  I picked up a few gifts, and I collected business cards from the artists that really caught my eye.

John and I are not art connoisseurs by any means.  I’ve only taken one art class in my life.  Art History 1001 at LSU was me and about 200 other cohorts listening to our professor lecture as she flipped through slide after slide.  I didn’t really pay attention to the evolution of media, perspective, and some other topics.  Okay, I didn’t pay attention to most topics, but when we covered the Italian Renaissance, I sat up and took note.

It’s been about 10 years since we went to Italy, and my dream came true of seeing all those images in real life.  On that trip, I actually stopped and marveled at the images.  For me, it’s not the end product that amazes me…it’s the process and the imagination that goes into creating a product.

We had been in Italy for about ten days (late July) by the time we reached the Uffizi in Florence, which was/is not air conditioned.  (I know some of you are laughing, because you know I just don’t do HOT!)  Once we zoomed through and looked at the highlights, John looked at me and said, “If I see another painting of Adoration of the Magi, I might lose it.”  Let me just say that we had about seven more days in Italy, which included four in Rome.  It’s our phrase now for something that we are sick of seeing.  Sacrilegious?  Probably.

The first artist’s booth that we looked in was Anne Cubbage.  Her custom book carvings are very cool and she has them on any subject.  They are framed out nicely and were ready to hang. They would make amazing gifts, and I’m thinking of gifting one similar to the one below to myself!  Math?  OF COURSE!

Ann Cubbage Custom Book Carving

Ann Cubbage Custom Book Carving

Being from Louisiana, it’s hard not to be enthralled by birds.  Audubon is on everyone’s wish list, and are truly worth the investment.  James M. Offeman, an artist from Missouri City, Texas, paints pieces that stopped me cold.  They are so finely done that they appeared to be photographs until closer inspection.  I am a sucker for egret’s, and he had one that was TO DIE FOR!  I found the image below online that just does not do his work justice.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a website, so I’ve included his information in the caption below the image.

James M Offeman - - 281-499-2641

James M Offeman  “Great Egret” – 281-499-2641

Lisa Norris makes collages into very chic art that I want to have in my dream dressing room.  She has an excellent website with samples of her work, and you can also purchase her work on Etsy! She had one piece that would be perfect in a nursery.  I’ve always wanted to design/decorate a nursery, but since I’m not having children, I’ll have to wait for a friend to ask me to do one for them.  Any takers?

Lisa Norris – Made by One Girl

My last stop was Melissa Dominiak, who works with acrylic on canvas.  John had left me by this time to go get the car, which meant I didn’t really have time to adore and pick one to take home.  Melissa was the only artist I actually had the courage to engage, and she could not have been nicer.  I shared with her my lack of art knowledge, then gushed with how unique her art was.  I have not seen anything like it, and I couldn’t get over the fact that they were not photographs! (Okay, I see a theme here.  Do you?)  She has an excellent website with images of her work.  Her booth had all interior subjects, like the one below, but her website includes other subjects as well.

Melissa Dominiak – Unmade Bed – acrylic on canvas

Now you’ll have to wait and see if you are one of the lucky recipients of the gifts that I purchased!


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