Office Bathroom Light

I’ve been really busy with my real J-O-B lately, so this blog was put on the back burner. Never fear…the DIY projects have not stopped! Saturday is MY day, and as I downloaded and sorted my photos from my camera, I realized how much writing I’m going to have to do to get you guys caught up!

First up, the Office Bathroom Light!


I started this project over Winter Break and nearly had a breakdown in the process.  I went back to Home Depot and bought real wood and made the box…again.  I didn’t take any pictures, because honestly, I was focused on getting this done without any evidence of PTSD. I used my Kreg jig to construct the box and a 1-inch spade bit to drill the holes.

I painted the box with Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, after priming it of course.  I did not use any wood filler because the grain of the wood didn’t bother me.

Once I had the box painted, I pulled out the light fixtures. IMG_0387 They have a nautical look, and they were $5 a piece.  NO KIDDING!

I called my dad and verified that my wiring plan was going to work.  Electrical fires are just not my thing!   Here is a view of the back of the fixture, right out of the box.

IMG_0392I detached the brackets and attached each one to the box.

IMG_0394See the green screw?  That is the grounding screw.  I attached that screw to the copper wire in each lantern and stuffed the black and white wires through the hole.


Next, I used the hexagon brass screw caps to attach each lantern to the box.

IMG_0401I flipped over the box and wired all this stuff together, after another phone call to my dad.



I had to wait for John to help me with installation.  I forgot to take pictures of this process.  First I attached a 1×3 board on the wall that I was going to attach the box to.  He held the box while I connected it to the wires in the wall, then I used wood screws to attach the box to the board. Please notice the last light fixture was not centrally located over the mirror.  Instead, it was mounted it over the sink.  Builder’s Choice!



Once we had the box up, I decided that the corners needed a little something.  So I ordered four of these and attached them to the corners.



I was going to leave the Builder’s Choice mirror untouched, but the beveled frame is really driving me cray.  I’m thinking of creating a frame that I can place over it.  Hmmm….

One more week of work, then it is SPRING BREAK!  We were planning on going on a trip for part of it, but for multiple reasons we are staying here instead.  Big plans are underway for that week.  Stay tuned!!!


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