Safety Red Nesting Tables

Rustoleum Safety Red is such a great pop of red in any room.  I first mentioned it on Instagram and realized that I hadn’t posted about my obsession with it.  The pictures of the lap board desk wouldn’t upload, so this is the second time I used the color.

DIYDEEDS - Safety Red Nesting Tables

I first learned about it from Jenny at Little Green Notebook, when she used it on this credenza in her office.

via Little Green Notebook

via Little Green Notebook

Then Kristen at The Hunted Interior used it on this end table.

via The Hunted Interior

via The Hunted Interior

The first time I used it (post will come later), I used the spray paint.  I found it in a quart and decided that I had to try it.


Yes, spray paint gives a nice even finish, but waiting for it to dry while praying that a bug doesn’t land in your finish is not my style.  So I opted for the good old fashion method…well kind of.  I didn’t use a paint brush, cause I HATE cleaning oil-based paint off of paint brushes.   I know…I’m lazy sometimes.

Here are the nesting tables before.  I bought these a few years ago from Pottery Barn.


The bases are metal, and the tops are mdf.  I decided to only paint the bases at first.  I would put on one coat, wait 24 hours, then put on another coat.  I think I put on 3 coats.


I let them cure for about a week. I put them in the living room and lived with them for about a week.


I didn’t think the legs gave enough of the pop I was looking for.  Leaving the tops gray kind of washed them out.  I thought about painting them gold, but I think of gold as a neutral color.  I needed COLOR here, so I pulled these out onto the balcony and slapped two coats on the tops…no sanding, no primer, and no paint brush.  I know you’re thinking…”What a rebel!”


Painting the entire table really made a difference!  With the gray walls, gray floor and gray chairs, the red definitely gives this space some dimension.  I admit that I tried to go for the all gray look.  Obviously, I missed the mark!



Not to mention…my personality is definitely more colorful.  I don’t think I know anybody that would say that when they think of me…gray comes to mind.  Hee Hee


The wall above the TV is going to be a “gallery wall” someday.  Right now, I just hang the things I find that are to be part of the “gallery wall” so they won’t get lost, broken, or forgotten.






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