B&A – His & Her Eastlake Chairs

My friend and colleague Melissa and I recovered these chairs in two days without any sewing! We used my air-powered upholstery staple gun, which I wrote about here, and some Fabric-tac to attach the trim. I only have pictures of one of the completed chairs, and no pictures of the process since I didn’t really learn anything new in this process.

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Main

According to my Instagram account, I posted the picture below 19 weeks ago. So I guess that would be the end of January? I dropped into the Charity Guild of Catholic Woman shop and immediately spotted these chairs and put them on hold.

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Before

I cruised through the store and returned to pay for the chairs. Upon closer inspection, I was disappointed because they were not the same size. I thought they were mismatched and almost backed out of the deal, until one of the volunteers explained to me that they were His and Her chairs…meant to be different sizes. I guess this was before gender equality?

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Back

As soon as I posted the pic, Melissa was asking if I was keeping them. I didn’t really have a place for them, so my plan was to flip them. Technically, I had flipped them before I even purchased them!

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Closeup 1

The main fabric I had in my stash. It was/is a discontinued fabric from Calico Corners. When I bought this fabric I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it just spoke to me.  (Yes…items in stores speak to me…they say, “buy me Deidre, buy me!”)

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Closeup 4

We went to High Fashion Home for the pink velvet on the back and pink trim. The reason you are only seeing one chair is because we ran out of the trim, not to mention time to finish the project.

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Closeup 2

The day after I took these pictures, we went to pick up Demi. Staple guns, air compressors, and fabric glue do not make a friendly environment for a six-week old puppy.

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Closeup 3

Melissa put these in her front room where she has a few Chinese antiques, so the fabric’s Chinoserie feel makes these Eastlake chairs fit in nicely.  One last shot of the side-by-side with my new app

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs B&A

Hope you’re surviving the heat and humidity that has arrived full force in Houston! Demi had a play date today with Wetherby, a full-grown German Shorthair Pointer. Good grief!

DIYDeeds - Eastlake Chairs Post Demi
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  1. Susan says:

    Love them! I want to shop with you! Need to know where to go!

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