Kitchen Progress – Boxes & Paint

About two-thirds of the boxes are installed with trim, and the transformation is well on its way!

DIYDeeds - Kitchen Progress Box and Trim 1

I decided to use bead board as the back of each box.  Instead of installing it vertically, I chose to use it horizontally.  After I used the nail gun to attach the bead board, I used my Critter Spray gun to prime all the boxes.  If you want to know more about this spray paint gun, read this and this.

DIYDeeds - Critter Spray Paint Gun

I let the primer dry for a day. I used wood filler to fill all the seams and gouges.

DIYDeeds - wood filled seams

This took about 2 hours to get to each box.  I immediately went back to the first box and sanded and wiped down each box.  Martha’s little paint brush came in handy to get all the dust out of the corners.

DIYDeeds - get dust out of corners

On Saturday morning, I loaded up four mason jars with Benjamin Moore Advance – High Gloss in Chantilly Lace and painted for 1.5 hours.

DIYDeeds - Mason Jars of Chantilly Lace

My poor little air compressor just ran and ran and ran…is that okay?

DIYDeeds - Air Compressor

While I waited for that to dry, I put the first coat of paint on the base cabinets on the bottom.

DIYDeeds - bottom base cabinets

That afternoon, John helped me haul those boxes up the stairs and heft those things up on top of the cabinets.

DIYDeeds - Boxes without trim

I ran into some problems with the fit of the boxes to the left of the vent hood. ARGH!  On Sunday, I addressed those and was able to build the face frames for the boxes located to the right of the vent hood.  I used my Kreg jig to do this, which is so much easier to create right angles.  I’m not sure why I even used the nail gun to put the cabinet boxes together!

I didn’t take pictures of this process because I had to recharge the battery.  After I made the frames I primed them, and then used the nail gun to install them.

DIYDeeds - Kitchen Progress Boxes and Trim 2

Here is your weekly Demi pic…resting in her crate while I was in and out of the garage cutting the trim pieces.

Demi - June 21






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