Kitchen Progress – New Faucet

The faucet was installed yesterday and boy I love it!  I guess my style is “eclectic,” or just a mish-mash of things.  I searched for faucets for weeks and was about to settle for a cheaper bridge faucet until I ran across the Jalco Steam Valve Original series.

DIYDeeds - Jalco Kitchen Faucet

THIS faucet is why I didn’t go with a farmhouse sink in the first place…because it was kind of pricey.  I did find an excellent deal at Quality Bath, but it was more than I wanted to spend on a faucet that I probably won’t be able to take with me.

DIYDeeds - Jalco Kitchen Faucet 2

The handles were what sold me.  John wanted two handles so he could control the temperature better, and I only wanted a pull-down with one stem.  Speaking of pull-down faucets, this is another feature that I didn’t know of when I ordered it.

DIYDeeds - Jalco Kitchen Faucet 3

Instead of the hose retracting into the cabinet underneath and getting looped around the Windex bottle, the hose actually resides in the neck(?) of the faucet!  Awesome!

A quick update on the rest of the kitchen…

DIYDeeds - no more crown moulding


The crown moulding along the top of the cabinets has been completely removed.  On Sunday while John brought Demi to a friend’s house (a tired puppy is a great puppy), I was able to plan and build the boxes to place on top of the cabinets.

DIYDeeds - kitchen cabinet boxes

You can see the deck peeking out on the right of that picture, and you can see my “workshop patio.”  The next house will have a workshop, because currently our garage is a painting station.  Don’t worry John… I covered all the bike stuff with drop cloths!DIYDeeds - Garage Painting Setup

Yes, I’ve started to paint the cabinets.  I am testing out the spray gun and finding the right primer right now.  Yesterday, I pulled out the primer I had purchased for this project a while back and found this…

DIYDeeds - Primer gone bad


Can you save this?  I have no idea.  So off to Lowe’s for me this morning to get some new primer along with some lumber to finish the boxes that I am adding to the cabinets.

And your weekly Demi pic…hanging out on the deck yesterday.  I think she just goes outside to warm up because I keep my house so cold.  #nevergonnachangethat

DIYDeeds - Demi June 17 2014


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