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I bet you thought I gave up on this blog!  The good news is that I haven’t found a new hobby yet to replace my DIY bug, the not so good news is that John talked me into a Great Dane puppy.  What does that have to do with this blog???  Continue reading to find out, as well as my plans for this summer!

On January 7, we had to put down Lillie B, and on March 19, during Spring Break, we picked up Demoulette (Demi for short), a 6-week old puppy.  My entire life changed then…basically my time was no longer my own.  A few break-downs later and an OBSCENE amount of money spent for puppy preschool twice a week, and we made it to summer.

I’ve continued working on projects, taking pictures along the way but having uninterrupted time to post was not readily available.  My uninterrupted time on a computer was dedicated to my j-o-b, so…the blog took a back seat.

Here are my lists…the lists that will keep me focused.  Nothing like posting a todo list on the INTERNET!  If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve posted a few teasers for some of these projects.   I’ve included the links below for those. Some projects I completed that I need to post about:

    1. Metal Headboard to Upholstered Headboard  (Teaser Here)
    2. His & Her Eastlake Chairs Reupholstered (Teaser Here)
    3. Office Chairs Redo (Teaser Here)
    4. Boss’s Office Reveal
    5.  Tabletop and Hammered Metal Paint
    6. Office Bathroom Ceiling
    7. Lap Desk redo (Teaser Here)
    8. Pillow from Dinner Napkins (Teaser Here)
    9. DIY Whiteboard
    10. DIY Frames from Rope Trim
    11. Converting a lampshade from Spider/Harp Fitter to Slip UNO Fitter
    12. Stenciling a wall – Guest Bedroom
    13. DIY –  Increasing a picture frame depth
    14. DIY – Tiling the Guest Bathroom
    15. Guest Bathroom (new sink console, paint, new mirror, new lights, new shower curtain)
    16. DIY – PVC Pencil Cups
    17. Choosing a slab for kitchen countertops
    18. DIY – Upgrading Beige Honeycomb Shades with Fabric
    19. DIY – Building an L-Shaped Deck (Teaser Here)

WOW!  So, you see, I have been busy!  Those are the projects I’ve completed, and here are the projects that are in progress:

    1. Changing out the light in the guest bathroom – possible DIY?
    2. Trim tile in the guest bathroom
    3. Guest Bathroom Reveal
    4. Guest Bedroom Nightstands
    5. Guest Bedroom Reveal
    6. New Kitchen Countertops  (Teaser Here)
    7. DIY – Painting Kitchen Cabinets
    8. DIY – Sunburst Mirror

So it will be one busy summer for me!  Do you have any DIY projects that you are going to tackle this summer?  I’d love to hear about them.

PS…I just spent about 2 hours trying to figure out why the image will not center!  If you know things like HTML, CSS, and other coding language, I desperately need some help.  Yes, I want to learn how to code, but sitting at my computer for hours on end is just not on my todo list…see above!

Update 6/9/14:  I figured out how to make the images centered.  You place the cursor in front of the image then center.  I was clicking on the image and centering.  ugh!

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