Kitchen Progress – Paint & Wait

SSStttiiiillll waiting on the sink, which is probably a good thing since I continue to be in the process of painting.  If you see me in person, you will surely be able to see that I am not the most perfect painter.  I did finish the cabinets and doors and they are pristine.  Details and lessons learned will be in a few separate posts.

DIY Deeds - Paint & Wait 3

I finished installing the boxes to the left of the vent hood…including the face trim.  This created the blank space between the backsplash and the top box.  (I misspelled awkward in the photo…doh!)

DIY Deeds - Paint & Wait 2

You’ll have to check back later to see what I finally decide to do with that space.

I did finish out the end like the rest of the cabinets.  This was an extra step with more wait time, but worth it in the end.  The size of the frame is smaller than the original, which is part of the master plan.

DIY Deeds - Paint & Wait 1

Painting the doors and drawers was a 5-day process.  I painted the backsides on day 1.

DIY Deeds - Paint & Wait 4

I waited 48 hours before I painted the front sides, so that would be day 3.  On day 5, I painted a 2nd coat on the front.  I didn’t have to wait 48 hours in between each coat, but each time I was outside for 4-5 hours, and in this heat…I needed a day between.  I still can’t even imagine how long this would take with a roller or a brush.

You probably noticed that two of the doors are missing their interior panels.  I was able to easily remove those and am planning to insert glass.  With all the white, this girl needs a way to add some color.  The trend right now is to have open shelves, but I just can’t do it.  Between dust and dirt, I don’t know how people can stand that!

Alice Lane Home Interiors

Alice Lane Home Interiors

Now we are hauling the doors and drawers one at a time to the 2nd floor so they can cure inside.  I won’t install them until the sink is installed.  Meanwhile, I am playing the paint and wait game with the base cabinets.

Here is the Demi weekly.  John put her bed on the sofa so he could sweep up the magazine that she was “reading”.  She hopped right into the bed, on the sofa, and promptly went to sleep.

DIY Deeds - Demi July 5 2014






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  1. susan says:

    Why not add cork to the “awkward” space to create a bulletin board??
    A thought

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