Kitchen Progress – Rabbit Hole Projects

I should be done with the kitchen right now…but added projects here and there are delaying the finish line.   Plus, we were waiting for our guy to come repair the sheetrock and move the pendant lights in the ceiling.  (More on that later)  Either way, I feel like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and am making little progress.  Warning:  Lots of pics!


The sink was installed and boy, I love it!

DIYDeeds - Soapstone Sink 1

It turned out very green, as opposed to the picture I was sent from the shop.

DIYDeeds - Soapstone Sink 2

According to Ray, he estimated that it weighs around 300 pounds, which is why they had to build a platform on which it sits.  I was supersensitive about this to begin with since the sink we had originally did not have any support whatsoever…it was basically glued to the granite.

DIYDeeds - Soapstone Sink Support

I’m so glad we went with double bowls.  I use one to clean paint brushes, wash my hands, and anything else construction related, while the other is used for dishes and such.

DIYDeeds - Soapstone Sink 3

 Now, join me down a few rabbit holes…

Rabbit Hole Project #1:  Cabinet doors under the sink

I decided to salvage these doors.  I’ll post the details later, but I took a pic while I was making sure they fit!  I basically (ya…basic…HA!) cut out some of the length then added another piece of wood in the middle to reattach.

DIYDeeds - Doors Under Sink

For the next three RHPs, here is one picture that sums up my vision.  This is the view when you hit the top of the stairs.

DIYDeeds - Vision

Rabbit Hole Project #2:  Peninsula Cabinet

Adding a small cabinet to the peninsula was a major project.  It took me an entire week to do this, due to all the small cuts.  LOADS of trips up and down the stairs, but I know we will use this cabinet quite a bit since it will have a power receptacle with 2 usb ports.

As usual, I thought this was going to be a snap, because I already had the doors.  The doors were from the island originally.  What???  Last summer when I bought the ice maker, we relocated the wine refrigerator to the island.  This meant I lost two doors and a drawer.  The location of the door is another story.  Here is the cabinet with the doors installed…again, to make sure they fit!

DIYDeeds - Peninsula Cabinet During

What took so long?  Well, after sheetrock was removed, I started with this.

DIYDeeds - Peninsula Cabinet Step 1

After a billion-gazillion trips up and down stairs to modify every nook and cranny, I ended with this.

DIYDeeds - Peninsula Cabinet Step 10

I still have to add a few shelves, but after I made the face for the “drawer,” I needed to move on to something else.  Where did I go next?

Rabbit Hole Project #3:  Awkward Space on the End

Susan recommended cork boards, which would have been SO MUCH EASIER…but I had already asked Ray to make the shelves.  Quick reminder of my vision:

DIYDeeds - Vision


DIYDeeds - Marble Corner Shelves DURING

I have to attach the trim on the right side…then slap some white paint up there.

Rabbit Hole Project #4:  Glass Front Cabinets

Have I told you about my issue with open cabinets in the kitchen?  I can’t remember, since I write the majority of these posts in my head. (Who doesn’t?)  I just have problems getting the post from my head to the “paper.”  Sound familiar? Anyway, I can’t do open shelves.  I’ve watched too many 20/20 shows about dust.

To break up the walls of cabinet doors, I wanted to convert some of them to a glass front.  The problem I thought I had was that all the shelves were fixed within the cabinets, but I was wrong. This cabinet became the candidate!  Scroll up for the vision…

Currently, it looks exactly the same.  I’m trying to figure out what to do with the interior of the cabinet…paint, stencil, fabric, wrapping paper.  Since the glass has arrived, it is time to make the decision.

DIYDeeds - Glass for Cabinet Doors

I ordered the glass online from  After calling around town for the glass, I was able to get two 1/2” thick shelves for $90 and two ¼” panes for the doors for $50 with free shipping.  This was HALF of what I would have paid here in town…and this was delivered to my door.  If you need glass, check them out!

Project Rabbit Hole #5:  Trash Cabinet

Is your trashcan visible in your kitchen?  My trashcan always lived under my sink in every place I’ve lived since I left home.  When they installed the sink, I lost about 6 inches below.  So, I decided to move the trash to this cabinet.

DIYDeeds - Trash Cabinet New Location

That was the only before pic I had.  I can’t believe how much the kitchen has changed!  Of course, the interior was big enough, but the facing and door was not.  So, I had to rip out the facing, reconfigure, and make a new cabinet door.  Currently:

DIYDeeds - Trash Cabinet DURING 1

Notice I added a shelf and pull out drawer to store saran wrap, foil, etc.   Details on that rabbit hole later.

DIYDeeds - Trash Cabinet DURING 2

Project Rabbit Hole #6:  Making Cabinet Door and Drawer Face

Have you ever noticed that the DIY TV shows have the cabinets made in fairy land and they show up all put together.  If I decide to do this again, I’ll definitely invest in a dado blade instead of using the router to cut out the grooves for the paneling.  (If I just lost you, don’t stop reading…no more technical yapping!)  Currently, here is the drawer face for the peninsula cabinet, and the door for the trash cabinet.

DIYDeeds - Door & Drawer DURING

Gotta sand and paint those puppies.

Project Rabbit Hole #7:  Painting the Island

I was going to paint the island black, but once the sink was installed I changed my mind.  I wanted a dark gray with hints of blue and green.  I bought 3 samples from Benjamin Moore, and settled on Kitty Gray.  Plus, I decided to make my own chalk paint with Plaster of Paris, so I could get a true matte look.

DIYDeeds - Island 1

The back of the island only has one coat because of rabbit hole problems.   The picture above is with a flash, and this one is without a flash.  It was hard to get a true color when I took these.

DIYDeeds - Island 2

Project Rabbit Hole #8:  Installing Painted Doors & Drawers

Slowly I (Yes, I have help with this…and no, it’s not John) am putting things back into their places and installing the doors and drawers.  Here is a current pic of what has been done.

DIYDeeds - Kitchen Jun 23

Finally, a pic of Demi.   John was able to snap her on the sofa with her ferret…ready to pounce.

DIYDeeds - Demi 6-23-14

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