Kitchen Progress – Almost There

I am so close to being done with this kitchen.  I wanted to give you guys a short update on the current state of affairs, since the beginning of school is so darn close.  I’ll continue working on things and probably will be posting more often since I have loads of stuff I want to document.

DIYDeeds - Kitchen Progress Almost There

First, we’ll start with honesty.  Here is a shot of the rest of the 2nd floor.

DIYDeeds - Honesty Shot

I have placed the majority of my tools in baskets on the pew, and various items are stacked on the coffee table. (and that handy little blue cart I picked up at IKEA)  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that coffee table.  The ladder remains until I can get the crown installed.  (I’m not sure if I wrote this part for my 5 readers or for John.)

I finished the peninsula cabinet.  I decided to paint it the same color as the walls so it would blend.  A few people have stopped by to check on me and haven’t noticed it, which is a relief.  I don’t want it to be a focal point when you walk up the stairs.

DIYDeeds - KU Almost There 1

I’ve decided to add wood paneling of some sort to the back of the peninsula.  I was able to make the chalk paint work for the island and the doors above the stove.  I love the way they turned out.  The flat look is an excellent contrast to rest of the high gloss white, and the doors above the stove break up the line of white like I wanted.  Chalk paint is not very durable, but I found a way to keep the flat look and protect it at the same time.  Details to come later!

DIYDeeds - KU Almost There 2

The question mark for the glass-front cabinet is exactly that.  I had some monogrammed wrapping paper made that I was going to use as “wallpaper,” but  I goofed and didn’t update the webpage before ordering and received A&J instead of J&D.  Doh!  So, I’m back to the drawing board on that one.

DIYDeeds - KU Almost There 3

The knobs I ordered should be here at the end of this week.  Apparently they ran out of the metal they needed to make them and had to mine some more.  Just kidding!  Which is okay (I guess) since I have 6 doors that were just painted this weekend and need to cure for at least a week.

DIYDeeds - KU Almost There 4

Last but not least, I have to install the under cabinet lighting.  It is way down the priority list, but I already have them.

Here is Demi laying in her bed yesterday, enjoying the unbelievable weather we had in Houston yesterday.  It was overcast, but low humidity and around 80 degrees!

DIYDeeds - Demi 8-2-14

I spent the day organizing and cleaning my garage due to my latest purchase.  I’ll post that story another time, because I have work-work to do!  (“work-work” means the job I actually get paid to do)


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  1. Christie says:

    omg the dawson’s are freaking out— it looks amazing!!!! we want a tour

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