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DIYDEEDS - Kitchen Reveal Lead Pic

Yes, it’s done.  My Summer 2014 project flowed over into the fall, and I finished the details over Thanksgiving break. Of course, I hosted my parents, John’s parents, his sister and son, and my brother.  So it was a full house and the kitchen was definitely tested.  So let’s go back to the start…it’s time for some Before & Afters!


DIYDEEDS - Kitchen Reveal Lead Pic

The cabinets are Benjamin Moore Advanced High Gloss Chantilly Lace.  It was as far away from the yellow/cream that they were before, which is what I wanted to eliminate.  I have a post in progress, somewhere, about the process of painting my kitchen cabinets.  I’m going to locate that draft and use it for next week.  Many of you have asked me about my process, so I think it will be worth me reliving that process here on the blog.


This is the original island.  When I bought the ice machine, my dad and I moved the wine chiller to the island.  This was the only picture I had with the original Uba Tuba granite.


DIYDEEDS - Kitchen Reveal Island

I had to adjust some “effects” in the above photo so the color that I used, Benjamin Moore Kitty Gray, was what it looked like in real life.  I am really happy with this color.  It appears more green in the morning and midday, but in the evening, it reads more gray.  I made my own chalk paint for this part, since I wanted it to be matte and really be in contrast to the high gloss white.  After 6 months, it has held up really well.


DIYDEEDS - Kitchen Reveal - Peninsula

Taking out the elevated bar was, without a doubt, the right decision.  When you hit the top of the stairs, the entire second floor is so much more open and fresh.  I know some people are against not having a backsplash for your sink, but the fact that the sink is so deep, the water doesn’t splash out of the sink that far at all.


DIYDEEDS - Kitchen Review - Glass Front Cabinets

The final comparison is my favorite B&A.   Unfortunately, there aren’t any windows in the kitchen directly (why builders????  why????).  The cabinet doors that I converted to glass fronts had predrilled holes for adjustable shelves, which makes me think it was meant to be either open or have glass front doors.  I think the change helps make up for the missing window!


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