Demi 17 Weeks


Introducing Demi!  We call her Demi the Disaster!  When she joined our family, she looked like this:

Demi Day 1


She is growing like a weed, and she is into EVERYTHING!   I won’t bore you with tons of cute puppy pictures, because we have Pinterest and YouTube for that.









Since her size changes on a daily basis, I’ll slip in a pic here and there so you can watch the pony grow!

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Summer 2014 Plans


strategic plan doing things
I bet you thought I gave up on this blog!  The good news is that I haven’t found a new hobby yet to replace my DIY bug, the not so good news is that John talked me into a Great Dane puppy.  What does that have to do with this blog???  Continue reading to find out, as well as my plans for this summer!

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Bayou City Art Festival 2014

My recent interest in art motivated me to attend the BCAF this year.  John and I walked the entire festival in about an hour, which is probably not something to broadcast.  However, like shopping, I only stop and look when something grabs my eye.  The “art” mainly consists of interior and exterior sculptures, wall art of every kind, and jewelry.  I picked up a few gifts, and I collected business cards from the artists that really caught my eye.

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