One Room Challenge – Week 4 – Painting, boxes & SURPRISES

Be sure to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge.  Yes, there are more crazy people like me out there doing this stuff on purpose instead of hiring someone to do it.  After writing this post, I really, really just want to find someone to take care of the blog part for me!

When we lived in our mid-rise condo, the concierge desk staff could always tell when I had a long break from work, and they probably dreaded summer. This was pre-iPhone, so the only time/chance I had to do some online shopping was during breaks. And you may ask, how did they know? Well…I’d started getting boxes. One time, they could barely get the office door open to retrieve my packages.

Now that we are in a house, I may kind of know the UPS man and the FedEx lady that deliver my packages by name. John will often say, “Your BFF is here!” He really should consider quitting his day job.

So I finished the makeover on the convex mirrors. I found these at Homegoods months ago, and always wanted to paint them black and gold.

First thing I did was tape off the mirror and prime the frame.


Next, I used my favorite black matte spray paint.  It gives the look of chalkboard paint with out the fussiness of scratching really easily.

 DIYDEEDS - black paint mirror

After I added the gold to one mirror, I realized that cleaning the black paint and the gold paint that slipped through the barrier I created was not coming off easily.  So I decided to take the mirrors out of the frames.

I started with Rub-N-Buff Gold Leaf, but it was way too yellow.  So I added some Rub-N-Buff European Gold and to soften it a bit.  I had a photo to show you the difference, but it will NOT UPLOAD!  Oh well!

On to the actual bedroom.  I’ve painted about half of the bedroom in Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.  It is the most perfect soft gray.

Okay…I give up…I’ve been working on this post for over an hour, and the photos will NOT upload.  Apple updated iPhoto to Photos and the format of the photos are not playing nice with WordPress.

Instead of fighting this, I’m going to finish painting.  I also was able to paint my armoire with Alligator Alley, and it looks fantastic with the Gray Owl.  The hardware was not salvageable.  I thought it was brass, but it is tin, so now I have to go find some hardware for that piece.  Not to mention, when John and I were moving it so I could paint the walls, it was coming apart.  I had to glue and clamp that bad boy.  (ARGH!  I’m so mad because I did have photos to insert throughout this post so it wasn’t so blah, blah, blah…)

I love when things work out…and when they don’t…well I just go do something else.


One Room Challenge – Week 3 – Shopping

It’s been a week of hardly any progress.  Rain, rain, and more rain has impeded any outside projects.  Not to mention, we are in the process of helping my parents purchase a home here in Houston.  I secretly think John is all about this idea so I can throw their house into chaos with DIY projects and leave our house alone.  Seriously John…I plan on doing both at the same time!

I was able to get one of these convex mirrors painted using European Gold Rub-N-Buff.  Well sort of…because if you look close enough, you’ll can see the gold paint on the black part.  OOPS!

IMG_4359I’ll give more details on that later.  I was able to get some shopping and ordering done for other things.

I ordered the curtain rods and stand-offs, and I just ran across the rings on sale.  Wahoo!  But, I’m not sure how many I need.  Hmmm….gonna need to research that some.

I also purchased the duvet that I mentioned in my last post.  While I was at Biscuit Home, I inquired about the green wall they had in the store to use on the armoire.  It is Benjamin Moore Alligator Alley.  Now that I have that, as well as the color of the walls chosen (BM Gray Owl), I’ll make a trip to the paint store.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect nightstands.  Like anyone else, you can find the perfect nightstands easily.  It’s all about the cost of the nightstands, right?

Now that half of the time is gone in this challenge, I have to get it together and get some actual work done.  It is still a bummer that the mattress that started this whole adventure, may not arrive in time.  BOO HOO!

Hope you guys have a great week!


One Room Challenge – Week 2 – Platform Bed & Bedding

We FINALLY received word that our mattress will arrive mid-May, which is oh…14 weeks after we ordered it.  I was hoping it would be here by now, since we were given a range of 8-10 weeks lead time.  I really wanted it to be in the room before I chose paint colors and curtains, but I guess fate has other plans.  Either way, the bed was constructed a few weeks ago, and last weekend John and I picked out bedding and upholstery fabric. Plus, he helped me upholster the headboard and rails.  (I cannot tell a lie!) And of course, Demi had to give her seal of approval!


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