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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Part 1 – Prep Work

As I (we) removed the kitchen doors and drawers and moved them to the garage, John asked me a few times if I wanted to hire someone to do this part. I emphatically said no over and over again. Using

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Kitchen Progress – Litter Box Cabinet in Closet

I’ve been trying to write this post since Monday…argh.  I wish I could blame the lack of progress on the fact that we went to visit family this past weekend, but I can’t.  I was sidetracked building a containment area

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Spray Paint + Rain = UGH

Note to self…once you’ve spray painted an object, check the weather to see if you need to bring it inside. Leaving it outside because of the fumes doesn’t really matter if it RAINS!!!

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Make your own stencil…or not

I mentioned in an early post that one of my first DIY projects was building a standing desk for my boss.  I’ll do a post on that once I finish the rest of her office.  This is a short entry

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DIY Recovering Dining Room Chairs

My dining room chairs are finished, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the result.  This project did not require any sewing or cording, so it is an easy DIY.  The time it takes to complete the job varies according

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I’ve decided that MDF does not have a use in my DIY projects.  Yes, it is cheaper than real wood, and guess what????  It doesn’t perform like real wood! I know you’re surprised, right? I’m making a light fixture for

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Near the Edge

Those of you who know me, know that the title of this post could mean “train wreck coming!”  Although I did have an epic fail tonight while trying to make a light fixture for the bathroom in my office, this

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Dark Walls in Pantry

I LURVE dark walls!  I’ve never had the guts to do it though, because I was always told it is a major pain to paint over a dark wall.  So when I needed to paint the pantry, I figured this

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Play Kitchen Part 2

Links to:  Part 1    Part 3 The next day, it was all about the doors.  Again, I wanted to use poplar, but I didn’t want the doors to be very thick.  I found the perfect handles and hinges at

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Play Kitchen Part 1

Links to:  Part 2  Part 3 We had a play kitchen when I was little.  My sister actually played with it more than I did, since I was outside following my dad around “helping” him with whatever project he was

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