DIY Recovering Dining Room Chairs

My dining room chairs are finished, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the result.  This project did not require any sewing or cording, so it is an easy DIY.  The time it takes to complete the job varies according to which tools you use.  Since I am an expert in efficiency (or as impatient as a 3-year-old toddler), a new tool was the key to me finishing this job quickly with excellent results.Dining Room Chairs DIYDeeds

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I’ve decided that MDF does not have a use in my DIY projects.  Yes, it is cheaper than real wood, and guess what????  It doesn’t perform like real wood!

I know you’re surprised, right?

I’m making a light fixture for the bathroom in my office loosely based off of this tutorial on Chic on a Shoestring. (The picture is an actual link to the tutorial.)

When I went to Home Depot to buy the wood for this project, I skipped over the poplar (hardwood), the pine (softwood), and thought I hit gold at the MDF.  It was cheaper and it was primed!  I was so impressed with myself by discovering this cheap alternative to wood.  (Look at me…paying attention to the cost of something!)

I really don’t want to relive the experience, because today I am heading to Home Depot to get some REAL WOOD for this project and will share the actual steps.  So I’m going to show you the pictures of when I gave up on this project last night.

The wood cracked, and I thought maybe wood filler could fix that.   When I attached the corners with screws, the wood cracked.   I thought maybe wood filler could fix that, right?

 For some reason, I started thinking maybe using a Kreg Jig with MDF wasn’t such a good idea.  Hmmm…did I read that somewhere?  I desperately need someone to write down these important details for me, but that would require me to actually read those details.

Yes, every corner kind of did that, but I was thinking wood filler would fix that right up.  When I finished attaching the four boards, I placed the frame on the large board that was going to hold the light fixtures.

Well, wood FILLER will not work here since these screws are STICKING OUT!
Well, wood FILLER will not work here since these screws are STICKING OUT!

So that is when I realized I needed to bail on this frame and knew that I had to do it again.  Boy, I hate doing things again…especially after I’ve been working on it for over an hour.

So I’m off to Home Depot this morning to get new boards that will not crack, and I can feel confident that they will hang on the wall.

Play Kitchen Part 1

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We had a play kitchen when I was little.  My sister actually played with it more than I did, since I was outside following my dad around “helping” him with whatever project he was working on.  It was all made of wood, with wood burners and wood knobs that did not turn.

I ran across a few play kitchens on Pinterest that were made from nightstands, and I decided that THIS would be a great beginning DIY for me.   Continue reading