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Kitchen Countertops

An update on the kitchen countertops…they’re done!  Technically the countertops and backsplash are done, and they are beautiful.  As usual, we ran into a few snags, and I am waiting on a sink to be made.  More pictures and deets

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Bayou City Art Festival 2014

My recent interest in art motivated me to attend the BCAF this year.  John and I walked the entire festival in about an hour, which is probably not something to broadcast.  However, like shopping, I only stop and look when

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I’ve decided that MDF does not have a use in my DIY projects.  Yes, it is cheaper than real wood, and guess what????  It doesn’t perform like real wood! I know you’re surprised, right? I’m making a light fixture for

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$200 Pumpkin Bread

About 10 years ago, when we bought our loft and gave high-rise living a spin, we were shopping in Highland Village and walked into Williams Sonoma to purchase some new kitchen towels.  Fresh pumpkin bread was coming right out of

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