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One Room Challenge – Week 2 – Platform Bed & Bedding

We FINALLY received word that our mattress will arrive mid-May, which is oh…14 weeks after we ordered it.  I was hoping it would be here by now, since we were given a range of 8-10 weeks lead time.  I really

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B&A – His & Her Eastlake Chairs

My friend and colleague Melissa and I recovered these chairs in two days without any sewing! We used my air-powered upholstery staple gun, which I wrote about here, and some Fabric-tac to attach the trim. I only have pictures of

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Make your own stencil…or not

I mentioned in an early post that one of my first DIY projects was building a standing desk for my boss.  I’ll do a post on that once I finish the rest of her office.  This is a short entry

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DIY Recovering Dining Room Chairs

My dining room chairs are finished, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the result.  This project did not require any sewing or cording, so it is an easy DIY.  The time it takes to complete the job varies according

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Near the Edge

Those of you who know me, know that the title of this post could mean “train wreck coming!”  Although I did have an epic fail tonight while trying to make a light fixture for the bathroom in my office, this

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Winter Break

It’s been a slow start for my winter break.   I have a very sick dog, so all my plans of shopping are put on hold.  Instead, I’ve started about 3 more projects that I can’t wait to share.  This

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